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Why Us?

I know we can all agree that the internet is a great tool to use for doing research on a trip, but the major element missing if booking online is CUSTOMER SERVICE! My name is Michele Dreiding and I am the owner and head travel designer of Here To The Moon Travel. I have had a passion for designing trips for many years, and enjoy creating something special that will remain memorable for my clients and friends for years.
Why work with us?
  • Travel Experts - Award-winning agents and specialists in several different areas of the world, as well as several resorts, cruises, tour-operators and much more.  Third-Party websites are simply call-centers rather than travel advisors, so it will be difficult to receive sound advice or help planning your trip. Plus, there isn't a destination we can't handle...well, except for the Moon as of right now...but soon enough!
  • Relationships -We work with the best partners and suppliers worldwide to create the best value and experience for you.
  • Too Much Info out there - The internet can be completely overwhelming, so as a broker we can help simplify your options, find the best value, and connect you with the right resources and information. Plus, give you back your time.
  • Direct Contact - You will have a direct contact that you will work with before, during and after your travels.
  • Crisis Management - In case of weather emergencies or other emergencies before or during your travels, you will have someone to spend the extended time providing changes and adjustments.  
  • Best Pricing- Many people feel it costs more to use a travel agent, but it's quite the contrary. In fact, in many cases, we have been able to save significant dollars and provide perks on trips based on our supplier relationships alone. Not to mention, saving you on the ample amount of time it takes to coordinate a trip, which is priceless.
Regardless, if you know where you already want to travel and what you'd like to book,
booking through an agent will have your back in case of any changes.
You will also be supporting a small business who truly cares about each of their clients. 
We look forward to working with you, and to help explore the world!
~ Michele and the Here To The Moon Travel team
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